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ar app for field recordings 5x4:33‘/2022
concept&recording: Evamaria Müller & Peter Paul Aufreiter; app: Jan Löhr, Rafael Ludescher, Evamaria Müller & Peter Paul Aufreiter
developed at: medienfrische Residency

download the app here:

Things have gone quiet in Bschlabs.
The village, located at an altitude of 1314 meters in Tyrol’s Lechtal, is one of the Austrian regions most affected by emigration. In 2021, Bschlabs has 62 residents. Inspired by the „Place of Silence“ situated on a popular hiking route, starting in Bschlabs, we visited places associated with silence in order to record the soundscapes that nevertheless prevail there, the small as well as the big sounds: the local church, a shelter hut on the mountain Brandkopf, the Bschlabertal valley at night, our bedroom at the Haus Panorama and of course the „Place of Silence“.

The „Ort der Stille“ App presents these soundscapes using a tableau of objects scanned in Bschlabs.

no such thing as
Evamaria Müller · no such thing as